Why Manuka Honey Is a Must-Have In Your Pantry

A Scientific Uniqueness of Manuka honey

Have you heard of Manuka honey before? If not, then now’s a good time to learn about the benefits of this honey that’s native to New Zealand.  

Made from nectar collected by the bees that forage on wild Manuka trees that grow only in New Zealand, Manuka honey is known for its distinctive flavour and, perhaps more importantly, more potent antibacterial properties compared to other types of honey.  

There are numerous studies that support this claim. One of the first was done by the Honey Research Unit in New Zealand back in 1991. 

In their study, the Honey Research Unit removed the hydrogen peroxide from multiple kinds of honey. They then found out that only the Manuka honey was able to keep its antibacterial properties while other kinds of honey lost it. Then, in 1995, Dr. Peter Molan of New Zealand’s University of Waikato found that the honey had unique healing properties.  

Since then, the University of Waikato has worked on numerous studies and published academic articles highlighting the differences between Manuka honey and other kinds of honey.  

Manuka Honey and Methylglyoxal 

Methylglyoxal is a powerful ingredient that has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. It’s also found in Manuka honey. It is what makes this honey more potent compared to other types of honey. This includes treating sore threats and digestive issues, as well as healing wounds and dental problems.  

Many have even seen the benefits of applying Manuka honey topically to non-healing wounds like ulcers and burns.  

One of the more surprising aspects of Manuka honey is its ability to fight against infections. This includes infections considered resistant to most kinds of antibiotics. This includes MRSA, which stands for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Manuka honey is not only said to be an antibacterial and an antimicrobial, but it is also said to have immunity boosting qualities that are unrivalled in other types of honey.

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Moving on, when it comes to Manuka honey, it’s become even more popular because of how effective it is at fighting against and preventing skin issues like acne. It can be spread on your face and left on for 15 minutes. Doing so is a very effective way to treat pimples and blemishes. As a side benefit, you also get to experience smooth and bright skin.  

With that said, these are just some of the many benefits of Manuka honey.  

If you do further research, you’ll find out just how wonderful Manuka honey is. However, just like any other type of money, it’s important to make sure that what you’re using is pure and certified. In particular, with Manuka honey, the honey should come from New Zealand and from a trusted manufacturer.