A Brand Focused on Quality, Equality, and Trust.
The Meaning of Kore

The name “Kore” resonated with us as a company on a multitude of levels.

In English, “Kore” is a play on the word “Core”, we have always believed New Zealand Manuka is a core component for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In Maori (Te Reo), “Kore” means “Zero”, representing the purity of our Manuka honey, 100% organic, raw & unpasteurized. Made by nature and left the way it is.

In Japanese, “Kore” means “This”, an indication to our consumers the importance of a healthy life, “This” is the ultimate superfood for a healthy lifestyle.

Growth Factors
Manuka is a robust plant however better soils grow better Manuka.
100% Certified
All the honey we use are 100% tested and certified by 3rd parties.
100% Transparency
Every step of our production is track and traced with paperwork.
Care and detail every step of the way down to packaging & labels.
Quality, controlled and maintained every step.

Our customers place their trust in our products, and that goes both ways. We maintain our quality control every step of production, from harvesting, to transport, to production & packaging and to even label application.

That is how we can promise our customers, every drop of Kore New Zealand Manuka honey is of the highest quality.

Created by Nature, Harvested by man, and enjoyed by the World.

Kore New Zealand
Our Nature of Honey
We believe that trust is a two way street. Our customers trust us to provide them with the highest quality of NZ Manuka, and that is a promise we hold to everyday.
Our Belief of the Superfood
We strongly believe New Zealand Manuka is the ultimate superfood and we will continuously work hard for the World to access this delicious superfood.
Kore NZ's Quality Assurance Check is an extremely high standard we put our products through, and only those that pass are put on the market for sale.