Manuka Honey For Skin, Approved by Doctors.

We asked a Doctor some questions

People have used whatever they can find in their pantry as a home skin remedy for years. Personally, we do it too. Apple cider vinegar is a favourite among us as it’s one of the best natural toners available out there and with minimal side effects at that. But, while you probably know about apple cider vinegar and coconut oil, did you know that there are other pantry skincare products out there?

Case in point, Manuka honey. 

Honey as an ingredient in many skincare products is not a foreign concept. What is new is using it as it is and the results are, we’d have to say, very satisfying. 

What Makes Kore New Zealand MGO 1200+ Honey Different?

Just like every other product on the market, not Manuka Honey are the same. Some are better than others. 

My personally favourite is the Kore New Zealand MGO 1200+. 

With an abundance of 1200+ methylglyoxal content, an indicator of the level of its antibacterial properties, the Kore New Zealand MGO 1200+ can effectively treat inflammation and acne to save and rejuvenizes your skin. It’s capable of removing any oil buildup and excess oil from your skin without leaving it dry. This makes it an excellent cleanser that you use both in the day time and before you sleep.

Using it simple too. Get warm water to wet your face to help minimize any stickiness and smooth a sizable amount of the honey onto your fingertips before gently massaging it onto your neck and face.

Keep in mind that the active ingredients of Manuka Honey works only when it’s on your skin. This is why you’ll want to take your time applying it in circular motions to your face. Then, once you’re done, simply wash it off with clean and warm water and pat your face dry. However, if you feel like this is not enough, you can use the honey as a face mask too. 

Just get a thicker coat than usual of Manuka honey and apply it to your skin after cleaning it. Leave it on for 20 minutes and see the difference for yourself. You’ll notice just how much more your skin glows after applying the honey. 

Outside of a cleanser and a mask, you can also use Manuka honey to spot-treat pimples and cysts. A small dab onto the affected areas should help make the swelling go down in just a couple of minutes. 

Use Pure Manuka Honey on Your Face Today

Manuka honey is steadily growing in popularity. The bigger brands are starting to take notice and are using it in some of their skincare products. However, nothing really beats the original in its most organic form. 

Kore New Zealand MGO 1200+ is an all-in-one solution for your pimples, acne, and dry, as well as aging skin. 

To top it all off, you can even ingest the honey! I love how it tastes. However, it’s not just a sweet treat. It’s also great for your digestion. It can help introduce good bacteria into your gut and it can even heal sore throats. We’ve heard that some have even used it to prevent tooth decay to a certain degree of effectiveness. 

At this point, the only question about Manuka Honey is, what else can’t it do?